Yogi government of UP will launch a big campaign against usurers, property will also be destroyed: Nand Gopal Nandi

Strict action will be taken by running a special campaign against usurers across Uttar Pradesh. This is to say that the cabinet minister of the state Nand Gopal Nandi Why? The cabinet minister had reached Shahjahanpur on Thursday. Here he met elderly parents, whose sons, daughters-in-law and grand-grandchildren had committed suicide collectively due to trouble with the usurer. The cabinet minister also said that the state government would also take action to destroy the illegal property acquired by the usurers.

Drug dealer Akhilesh Gupta, a resident of Kachha Katra in Chowk Kotwali area, along with his wife, 12-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter, committed suicide by hanging themselves collectively inside the house. The usurer was telling a liability of 75 lakhs on the merchant along with interest and was harassing them. In this family, the cabinet minister of Uttar Pradesh reached Shahjahanpur to meet the parents of the businessman and consoled the family.

During this, he said that the whole of Uttar Pradesh has a trap of moneylenders, who harass people by giving them money at huge interest. The state government will take action against such usurers by launching a big campaign against them. He also said that the state government would take action to destroy the properties acquired illegally by the usurers. During this, he also instructed to provide police protection to the family.

Traumatic death of 3 friends who went to bathe in the river in Shahjahanpur, mourning in the whole village
Ashok Kumar Gupta, father of the deceased businessman, says that the minister of the state government has assured him of justice. The father of the deceased has demanded death sentence against the culprits who abetted the family to commit suicide. Along with this, there has also been a demand for security for the family.


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