World Environment Day News: Planting saplings became mandatory for building permission in MP, MP became the first state in the country to make rules


  • Building permission will not be available in MP without plantation
  • Chief Minister announced on World Environment Day
  • CM also appealed to the people to become partners in environmental protection

Planting saplings has been made mandatory for building permission in Madhya Pradesh. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan World Environment Day But while announcing it said that this rule will be applicable to all types of buildings including government schemes. It has become the first state in the country to make this rule.

Announcing this, the CM said that for our selfishness, we have caused so much damage to the forest and land that the temperature has started increasing. Its bad consequences are also starting to come to the fore. If we don’t improve everything will be ruined.

The CM said that cutting trees is a sin. Man has played with nature for material progress. The imbalance in the environment is causing many problems. We have been taught to worship nature since childhood, but we are not following it. That’s why we are in such a big trouble today. We have to improve the environment.

Shivraj said that to save the environment, it is necessary that we plant at least one tree in a year and conserve it. He informed that ‘Ankur’ campaign is being started for plantation in the state. To be a participant in this ‘Vayudoot App’ has been prepared. Common people can plant a sapling and upload its photo on the app. The CM also announced the appointment of seven-year-old Kopal, a resident of Raisen, as the brand ambassador of the Ankur campaign.


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