World brain tumor day 2021: These 7 things act like poison for the brain, say good bye immediately

The brain is that part of the working system of our body which works to take full care of the body. Perhaps this is the reason that the human body develops on its own. But the brain has to be trained. In such a situation, on this day i.e. June 8, World brain tumor day 2021 is celebrated all over the world. It is known that brain tumor is a very serious disease related to the brain. The treatment of which is also very expensive. Therefore, people are made aware of the causes of this disease through events and rallies on June 8. So that he can stay away from this disease.

Usually the reason for this disease is poor eating habits and consumption of intoxicants. But sometimes it can also be genetic. In this situation, it is necessary to be more careful about the brain. Especially when it comes to food and drink. Today we will tell you about some such food items which act like poison for the brain. Consuming them can cause brain tumours. Let us know which are such foods which are dangerous for your brain.
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sweet drinks

How dangerous are high fructose beverages or things made from refined sugar like cold drinks, sodas, fruit juices etc. A lot of research has been done on this. It can not only cause the problem of diabetes. Rather, it is equally dangerous for the brain.

Memory also weakens due to its consumption and it also affects the ability of a person to learn. At the same time, many research also suggests that it can also become the cause of brain tumor. Before it harms you completely, throw them out of your life today.

high mercury fish

There is a neurotoxic element of mercury, which has a very bad effect on the unborn baby and young children. We usually get this substance only from large fish such as sharks and swordfish. If you also consume this type of fish, then limit it very much.


These are food items that are used to make use of artificial sugar is done. Sugar free products also fall under this category. Such products cause more damage to the brain. However, consuming them in small amounts is considered safe. But it would be better if you stay away from them.

After 40, men’s health starts falling down, even by forgetting these things should not be consumed

processed food

This food is the biggest problem of today’s time. Food items that do not know how many processes have to go through to prepare. This includes junk food, red meat and processed meat etc. Such food is dangerous for both your brain and health. To keep the mind healthy, you should keep a distance from them.

trans fat

Food items that contain artificial trans fat. It has a bad effect on the brain. There is a lot of research that suggests that high consumption of trans fat causes problems with Alzheimer’s, poor memory and lower brain volume. Overall, you have to keep some distance from artificial trans fat.

Gout patients should stay away from beans-eggplant and curd, these things increase uric acid in the blood

refined carbs

Consumption of refined carbs has started becoming very high in today’s time. Due to which the mind of the people is also affected. A process is followed in making refined carbs. In which a lot of sugar and chemicals are used to make food items.

available in the market white bread, cake or all-purpose flour Refined carbs come only inside. Dementia starts to occur due to their consumption. Explain that their consumption hinders the functioning of the brain and these foods damage the brain in the long run. If you remove them from your plate, then you can also avoid problems like tumors.

The weight of this man was 102 Kg, reduced by 14 kg by leaving maida and white bread


Limit alcohol consumption And sometimes it works like a medicine. But its excessive consumption not only gives rise to brain tumors but also many physical and mental problems. In such a situation, excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful for everyone, especially for children and pregnant women.


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