Work of Kanpur Police! Section of kidnapping increased without investigation, court reprimanded ACP

Kanpur Police She always remains in the headlines for her exploits. One such case has come to light. ACP posted in Kanpur increased the section of kidnapping without investigation in a case of minor assault. During the hearing, the court strongly reprimanded the investigator ACP. After this, the court also read the section of kidnapping from the ACP. At the same time, the court has ordered the police commissioner to take action against the ACP and inform it within a month.

Police Commissioner Aseem Arun has handed over the investigation of Swaroop Nagar ACP Mahendra Singh Deo to ADCP Abhishek Agarwal. If ACP Mahendra Singh is found guilty in the investigation then those departmental action will be taken. On completion of the investigation, the police commissioner will inform within a month.

what was the matter
Palak Sonkar, who lives near Neerakshi intersection in Kakadev, had a dispute with Gurnit Singh on May 26. Palak Sonkar had accused Gurnit Singh of assault, threats and caste-related abuses. On this, the police had registered a case of assault, intimidation and under the SCST Act. ACP Swaroop Nagar Mahendra Singh Deo was investigating the matter. The ACP had extended the kidnapping section on May 28 without investigation.

Fraudulently increased kidnapping section
The matter was to be heard in the court on June 8. Presenting the evidence in the court, the counsel for the accused party said that the case is not about kidnapping. The section of kidnapping has been falsely extended. When the case diary was summoned on the claim of the lawyer of the accused party, the whole matter was exposed. Thereafter, the reply was called from the investigator. The investigators could not give a satisfactory answer on this. The court made the investigator read the section of kidnapping. The investigator accepted his mistake and admitted that the section of kidnapping was not being made.

The police wreaked havoc on the vegetable seller, snatched the scales, made him sit in the jeep and…

The court held that the investigator has not recorded the magistrate’s statement of the girl. Along with this, not a single concrete evidence has been presented in relation to the kidnapping section. The court held this to be the negligence of the investigator. Ordered the Police Commissioner to take action on the discriminant and inform him in a month.


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