Wonderful UP! The male candidate not only won the female reserved seat in Bareilly, but was also given a certificate.


  • The matter is Gajraula village of Nawabganj block.
  • RO also issued the certificate of victory
  • Address from the website of the State Election Commission

In UP’s Bareilly, the male candidate not only filed his nomination but also won the seat reserved for women. The matter is of Kshetra Panchayat (BDC) ward number-16 of Gajraula village of Nawabganj block.

Nomination was not rejected even in the investigation

According to the information, apart from women Suraj Mukhi, Mithlesh Kumari, Phulbano, Meera Devi, Rajo and Zeenat Bano, male candidate Khyali Ram also enrolled from this ward of BDC, while this ward was reserved for women. The surprising thing is that even in scrutiny of nomination papers, the Returning Officer did not reject Khyali Ram’s form, he accepted it. Election symbols were also allotted. As a result, Khyali Ram won the election by 271 votes. The RO also issued him a certificate of victory.

such an open case
Initially, everyone had seen the reservation of women in this ward, but when Khyali Ram made his nomination, everyone started to believe that perhaps some change might have been made in the reservation. The woman candidate who lost the election says that the objection was not lodged on the pamphlet of Khyali Ram. When some people inquired on the website of the State Election Commission after the election, it came to know that this ward is reserved for women.

complaint to election commission
Some people of Gajraula village have now complained about this matter to the State Election Commission and DM. In the complaint made by Krishna Avatar of the village itself, a demand has been made to cancel the election of this ward and conduct re-election.

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turmoil among officers
After the matter came to light, now there is panic among the officers. Ranvir Prasad, Returning Officer of Nawabganj Block, says that he had taken the responsibility of RO only two days before the election, by then the nominations had been done, so this matter could not come to his knowledge. If it comes now, I will get it checked. At the same time, DM Nitish Kumar has asked for action after getting the matter investigated.


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