These Are The Wives Of The Mega Wealthy And Famous Men

Many of us dream what it would be like to be worth millions or even billions of dollars. The mega-wealthy people know that feeling of course, but one trend that you see with these people is that their spouses are also pretty wealthy of their own accord.

Normally these individuals are on the sidelines when compared to their mega-wealthy partners, but this article is highlighting some of the work of those spouses. After all, they tend to be the head of large charities or devote time and money to various causes.


Worth a whopping $130.5 billion, she and Bill Gates got married in 1994 and got divorced in May 2021. While they were together, they founded their non-profit organization which became one of the most charitable organizations in the world.



Net worth of $128 billion, she works as a philanthropist and is married to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Similar to the Gates foundation, they founded their own initiative and donated $4 billion to charitable causes. Aside from Zuckerberg, she too holds a portion of those shares that let them have control over Facebook.

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