Will you also practice yoga? See Vajrasana, the daughter-in-law of the rich

Follow these simple tips given by Rupal Nand while doing Vajrasana

Mumbai June 8: In addition to a healthy diet, exercise and yoga are needed to keep the body healthy. With the addition of yoga, you can protect yourself from many physical ailments. Actress Rupal Nand explains the importance of other yoga tools. Rupal, who reached home through the series Shrimantaa Gharchi Sunn, is currently teaching yoga to her fans. She started it from Vajrasana. (Vajrasana) Then you also start Yogasadhana with Ananya

Vajra is Indra’s weapon. In this asana, the seat of the feet is fixed like Vajra, hence it is called Vajrasana. Practicing this asana has beneficial effects on the genitals and abdomen. This is the right posture for meditation so it helps in concentrating the mind.

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Follow these simple tips given by Rupal Nand while doing Vajrasana

  1. Sit with both feet spread apart. Hands should be placed on the ground on both sides of the buttocks.
  1. Carry the body weight on the left arm and bend the right leg at the knee with the help of the right arm.
  1. Keep the sole of the right foot facing the sky and step back. Thus keep the right foot neatly under the right buttocks.
  1. Now take the weight of the body on the right hand and side and do the same as above to stabilize the foot of the left foot under the left buttock. In this position care should be taken that both toes touch each other.
  1. The abdomen should be slightly extended. Keep the spine stiff. Place the palms of the hands on the knees or on the thighs near the knees. Relax the abdominal and arm muscles.
  1. The eyelids should be wiped clean. Focus on breathing.

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