Why is the Punjab government not ordering an inquiry into the purchase of ‘Fateh’ kits: Akali Dal

Chandigarh, Jun 10 (PTI) The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) on Thursday questioned the Punjab government as to why it was not ordering a probe into the purchase of “Fateh” kits. Simultaneously, the party alleged that the company which supplied the kit did not have a valid license and was operating from a cold store.

Medical kits given to COVID patients include oximeters, thermometers, masks, steamers, sanitizers, vitamin C and zinc tablets and some other medicines.

SAD MP Balwinder Singh Bhundar, in a statement, alleged that recent revelations about the company supplying kits worth Rs 26 crore to the Punjab government indicate that the entire operation was “fake”.

He alleged, “… the original tender was awarded to one company at the rate of Rs 837 per kit with a validity of six months, but the tender was reissued twice and both times to the other company at Rs 1,226 and Rs 1,338. Given at inflated prices of Rs.

He alleged that the company does not have a valid license to supply medical kits. He said that only an independent and fair investigation can take action against those responsible for this scam.

Opposition parties like SAD, Aam Aadmi Party and Bharatiya Janata Party have been targeting the state government over alleged irregularities in procurement of medical kits. The AAP has written a letter to the Punjab Lokpal demanding an inquiry into the matter.


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