‘Why did you get chills?’ Twitter war in Nia-Devolina from prison actor

TV actress quarrels over actor jailed for rape; Colorful duel on social media

Mumbai June 8: Actor Pearl V Puri, who has reached home through the series Nagin, is embroiled in a controversy. He is accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl. (Pearl Puri Rape Case) He is currently in the custody of Mumbai Police. Meanwhile, a Twitter war has broken out between actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Nia Sharma over the issue. On the one hand, Niya openly supports Pearl, while on the other hand, Devolina criticizes the celebrities who support him. She has made a strong claim that the fruits of her deeds are to be reaped here. The cat fight between the two actresses is currently under discussion.

“Your voice on social media will not help him in any way. You accuse a little girl, you will have to reap the fruits of your deeds. If you all want to protest, go on a hunger strike, but don’t spread such a stench on social media. ” Devolina had tweeted such a thing.

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She told him, “Someone tell Tai, you will not be allowed to go on a fast or a candlelight march right now. The country is currently undergoing a corona infection. Plus Tai needs to practice before sharing the dance reel. Focus on him right now. ” I replied by tweeting such content. But seeing her tweet, Devolina got even angrier and the Twitter war went even further.

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She said, “All my tweets were against those who trolled the seven-year-old girl. Who are calling that little girl Gold Digger. Why do you like chili You really know something about this case that they are tweeting based on partial information. ” Nia got good news by tweeting about this. However, Niya has not yet commented. So Niya’s fans are now watching what she will say. The tweets of these two actresses are currently being discussed everywhere.

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First published:June 8, 2021 at 3:26 PM IS


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