Why did Nusrat suddenly declare the marriage illegal? Husband Nikhil Jain’s revelation came to light for the first time

Actress Nusrat Jahan is a TMC MP. The affair was discussed with actor Yash Dasgupta. There were also rumors about Nusrat’s pregnancy. Nikhil has revealed all this.

Kolkata, 09 June : Bengali film actress and Trinamool Congress MP Nusrat Jahan (Nusrat Jahan) husband nikhil jain (Nikil Jain) Is said to be separated from. She has issued a statement in this regard and clarified that there is no marital relationship between her and Nikhil Jain. This is a shocking event for his fans. The two have been living apart since last November. Apart from this, news of Nusrat Jahan’s pregnancy also came to light. Nikhil Nusrat is pregnant (Nusrat Jahan pregnant) It is said that you do not know.

The affair with Nusrat actor Yash Dasgupta has also been under discussion for the past several days. Fans are questioning Nusrat’s pregnancy. After Nusrat’s statement today, Nikhil Jain has also informed the media about the rift in the relationship and the allegations made by Nusrat.

“Our marriage took place under Turkish marriage registration and the marriage ceremony was declared completely illegal,” Nusrat Jahan said in a statement today. Because it was a marriage to a person of another religion and according to the social marriage law, it had to be officially registered, but it did not happen. This made no sense to this marriage. So the question of divorce does not arise. We were both living in a live-in relationship.

“I think the marriage was legal, but I don’t want to comment on what she has said,” Nikhil said. Our issue has reached the civil court and I will not be able to express any opinion on it till the case goes to court. But, the two are separated, he also confirmed the news. Yes, we have both changed our ways and have been living independently since November last year.

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Nusrat Jahan said in a 10-point statement that she is taking care of her sister and her family, spending for them. But, some people are trying to take credit for that. I don’t use anyone’s credit card. Someone claims that he is rich. I use the money from his account. That is what has been said about them. She will talk to the bank administration in this regard and will soon file a case at the police station.

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