What countries are helping India to defeat Corona, what countries have helped so far, find out in detail

What countries are helping India to defeat Corona, what countries have helped so far, find out in detail

New Delhi: The second wave of Koro is currently wreaking havoc in the country. More than four lakh cases are coming up every day, with the death toll steadily rising. The central and state governments are concerned about this. The Indian Army has also come to the rescue of the people. Despite all this, Corona is still out of control. The country’s hospitals are missing everything from medical facilities to oxygen.

Now some countries around the world are helping India on this issue. Now 25 flights full of oxygen and other supplies have arrived at Delhi International Airport. Find out how countries from the US to Britain are helping India in many ways.

From which countries help is coming …..

A flight carrying 449 ventilators, 100 concentrators and other medical supplies from the Netherlands arrived in India this morning. The foreign ministry said the remaining medical equipment would be shipped in the next few days. About 600 oxygen concentrators, 50 ventilators and other medical supplies were brought from Switzerland. The flight arrived in India this morning.

Earlier on May 4, an Indian Air Force flight arrived from Chennai carrying oxygen cylinders, which arrived at Chennai International Airport.

How many things are coming from America. White House spokeswoman Jane Sackie said: “So far, six aircraft have been sent to India. These include oxygen, oxygen supply, N95 masks, test kits and medications. He said that at the request of the Indian government, the amount of American aid has been handed over to the Indian Red Cross Society.

Some other countries are also helping …..
As of May 3, India has received emergency supplies from 14 countries, including the UK, Mauritius, Singapore, Russia, UAE, Ireland, Romania, Thailand, USA, Germany, Uzbekistan, France, Italy and Belgium. Love Agarwal of the Ministry of Health says that we are still taking all kinds of supplies, distribution will start soon in India.

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