What big changes did the ICC make to the Test rules for the WTC 2021 Final, what will be the benefit to the teams

New Delhi: The ICC has changed a major rule for the final Test of the World Test Championship between India and New Zealand from June 18. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has clarified that if the first day of the World Test Championship (WTC) final is marred by rain, the follow-on rule will change, which is usually the case in other Test matches. This specification is given in view of the reserve day in the final Test of the World Test Championship between India and New Zealand to be played between June 18-23 in Southampton, England. & Nbsp;

The team batting first can be called up to bat again after taking a 200-run lead. The lower the number of days in a match, the lower the number of runs. 150 runs in a 3 or 4 day match, 100 runs in a 2 day match and a 75 run lead in a 1 day match are allowed for follow-on. & Nbsp;
If the game is not played on the first and second day of the match, Clause 14.1 applies to the remaining days (including the reserve day) at the beginning of the game. The day the game first starts is considered a full day, regardless of the start time of the game. The play-day count will begin as soon as the first over begins. & Nbsp;

150-run lead when two-day game goes bad That said, if the game of the first and second day is not played, the 200-run fight in the first innings will be given at only 150 runs. This usually happens when the first day’s game is not played. But a 200-run lead will be valid even if the game goes bad on the first day of reserve day. & Nbsp;

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