VIDEO: Summer innings successful; A new twist in the series ‘I haven’t seen you’

There are new twists every day in the series ‘Pahile Na Mi Tula’.

Mumbai, June 8- ‘I haven’t seen you’ (pahile Na Mi Tula) There are new twists in this series every day. Manu (Manu) And Aniket (Aniket) Summer is ready to do whatever it takes to separate. Summer brings a new crisis to Manu and Aniket every day. In a new promo that has just surfaced, Samar is planning to break up with Aniket and his mother.

The series ‘I haven’t seen you’ on Zee TV is very popular. Manu and Aniket’s love story and Samar’s intervention in it is very much liked by the fans. In the newly released promo, Samar has once again hatched a new innings against Manu and Aniket. Summer brings an investor to Aniket’s house to help. And on purpose Aniket is a taxi driver with no officers. This reveals the truth before his eyes. So Aniket’s mother gets angry at Aniket and says that she has nothing to do with him from today. Manu and Aniket are trying to calm the mother down. This new promo is going viral right now.

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Aniket and Manu were secretly married. But after realizing this at Manu’s house, her father angrily throws her out of the house. So Manu starts living in Aniket’s house as his wife. In the midst of all this, Manu’s boss, Samar, is ready to go to any lengths to separate them. That’s why Samar brings new crises to the couple every day. After overcoming all these difficulties, Manu and Aniket will stay together and Samar’s innings will be successful.

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First published:June 8, 2021 at 5:51 PM IS


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