VIDEO: New lawyer to hang Devisingh? Or get caught in a doctor’s trap?

The series ‘Devmanus’ on Zee TV is currently in the news.

Mumbai, June 10- ‘God’ (Devmanus) The series has even piqued the curiosity of the audience. Everyone is wondering whether Dr. Ajit Singh will confess his crime or not. ACP Divya has taken Devisingh to court. Divya is trying her best to prove the doctor’s guilt. The doctor, on the other hand, has begun to disprove every piece of evidence against him.

The series ‘Devmanus’ on Zee TV is currently in the news. This exciting story has captivated the audience. Fans are anxious to know when the real face of the doctor will come before the villagers. A new promo of this series has been released recently. In it, Babu i.e. Dimple’s father has testified. The grandfather who was initially murdered. His photo was in the rent that the doctor had given him. The new public prosecutor, Arya, claims that the grandfather’s money was stolen by a doctor and he was murdered. Now, with so much evidence, Devisingh will confess his guilt and the audience is looking forward to a new innings.

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ACP Divya has identified the truth of Dr. Ajit. So she is struggling to bring all her crimes to the world. Chasing Jung Jung, she is looking for evidence against the doctor. But the doctor is trying to disprove every piece of evidence. The doctor has also incited all the villagers against Divya. But Divya is fighting with the same stubbornness. The audience is staring at when this fight will be successful, when the doctor will admit his crime and when he will be punished.

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