Video: Have you seen Urvashi’s strength? The trainer took so many punches; Seeing you too ..

Urvashi learns boxing. The trainer punched him in the stomach. Watch the video that will surprise the actress.

Mumbai June 10: Actresses are experimenting with new ways to maintain their fitness. They maintain their fitness in many ways like yoga, gym, pilates, sports, diet. But actress Urvashi Rautela (Urvashi Rautela) Boxing for the past few days (Boxing) Is doing. So while Urvashi is learning boxing for fitness, many are asking the same question for the film. She has given the same answer in the caption. Her new video is shocking to everyone.

Urvashi had caught everyone’s attention with a boxing video a few days back. So now she has punched Chucky in the stomach. In a video she shared, her trainer is punching her in the stomach. Urvashi didn’t even move until there were some punches. So her fans are also amazed. Her fans have complimented her. She has also written a caption on it. She also said that this is for all new action movies. But she did not say which movie.

Urvashi is one of the fittest actresses in Bollywood. She pays a lot of attention to her own look. She always shares her gym videos. So now she is also learning boxing.

Urvashi is very active on social media. She shares many of her updates, as well as many of her glamorous photos and videos. Many love her glamorous outlook.

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Urvashi is in the discussion for a variety of reasons. Sometimes because of her expensive dresses and sometimes because of her looks. So now she has also posted photos of some hospitals donating oxygen concentrators. Many have appreciated it.

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