Vegetable side effects: After eating these 5 vegetables, there can be a strange mess in the body, know the surprising harm

In today’s time people are turning back to their basic things. This is the reason why people have become very conscious about their food. Now people like to consume more fruits and vegetables.

But some vegetables are such that they can harm you along with benefits. Let us know about some such vegetables, which you should avoid consuming too much.
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allergy to mushrooms

Mushrooms are counted among the best sources of vitamin D. But for some people, your skin can be affected by its consumption. in this you There is a problem of rashes or allergies. This happens when a person consumes shiitake mushrooms. But this problem occurs very rarely to people, that too when you either consume raw mushrooms or consume half-ripe mushrooms.

Vegetarians must eat mushrooms, know the reason

Cauliflower stomach problem

Cauliflower and cruciferous vegetables can cause gastrointestinal problems such as bloating and acidity. In fact, many nutrients are found inside these vegetables, which help you stay healthy.

But a compound called rifnose is found inside it, which is a type of carbs. Our body does not have the capacity to digest such a compound completely. Therefore, eating cauliflower raw can make the situation worse. This can also cause pain in your stomach.

Surprising disadvantages of eating cauliflower, these people may suffer

What have you seen after eating beetroot?

Beet Consumption Many people also do it for weight loss. In such a situation, many people must have noticed that due to excessive consumption of beet, the color of urine starts appearing red or pink. The reason for this is because of the elements found inside the beetroot. But there is no need to panic over this. It’s very simple. But you should consume beetroot in limited quantity.

High BP patients can drink beet juice, consume it like this

Consumption of carrots is heavy on the skin

eating carrots While doing this, you have to take special care of its quantity. If you consume carrots in excess quantity, then your skin color changes to yellow or orange. This color is more visible on the feet, hands and soles. This is because carrots contain beta-carotene which enters your body in excess. But due to its quantity, it does not flow in the blood and gets deposited in your skin. This also happens when you consume too much pumpkin and sweet potatoes.

Black carrots are more beneficial than red, include them in the diet now to stay healthy and fit

This effect will be seen by consuming more oranges

It may happen that if you love to eat oranges or if you are consuming more vitamin C to thin the skin, then it can also change the color of your urine. Apart from this, if you have a problem of dehydration then it can also turn your urine color orange or yellow. So if you eat more oranges then drink enough water too.

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