Vat Savitri Vrat: Women will plant banyan plants on Vat Savitri Vrat in Ayodhya, people from every section of the society will be involved in the campaign

Mayank Srivastava, Ayodhya
On Thursday, in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, the married people took a pledge to plant a banyan tree on the occasion of Vat Savitri festival. He told that every section of the society would be involved in this campaign. After the fast, all the married people will plant a peepal tree each, which will help in creating a pollution-free environment. In the current times, this determination of women will inspire other people of the society in the midst of the wild discussion of oxygen.

The women said that in this era of Kovid-19, everyone would be made aware of the importance of oxygen and the need for a pollution-free environment. He told that on the occasion of Vat Savitri fast, the married people have taken a vow that after the fast, they will plant a banyan plant. Ayodhya-based teachers Poornima Srivastava, Suman Srivastava, Ekta Agarwal, Arunima Srivastava told that the banyan tree, which has the status of a national tree, also has religious significance.

Banyans are decreasing even in villages
He said that women worship Vat Savitri on the new moon of Jyeshtha month. At the same time, the number of banyan trees is gradually decreasing. There are only a few trees left in towns, cities as well as villages. In such a situation, we should plant a banyan plant for abundant oxygen. He said that Banyan is a treasure trove of natural oxygen. Also Peepal and Banyan are the center of our faith-culture. In such a situation, a banyan plant will be planted after worshiping the banyan tree.

He said that trees are an invaluable heritage for us. Along with planting Banyan tree, other women will also be motivated to do so. The crisis of oxygen in the Corona period has told us the importance of trees, so planting trees is very important for all of us. He said that the life-giving banyan is important for the lives of all of us. Everyone should come forward in this campaign.


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