Varanasi News: Used to like bikes on WhatsApp app, then used to steal from Varanasi and sell in Bihar, 7 arrested

Abhishek Jaiswal, Varanasi
Police has arrested vicious thieves who stole bikes in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. These bike thieves used to carry out the incident of bike theft according to the demand of the customers through social media. Before the theft of the bike, the thieves used to send photos of the vehicles on the WhatsApp group of their gang and then when the customers liked the bike, they used to steal it from BHU Hospital and its surroundings and sell it in Bihar.

The police team has arrested 7 people of this bike theft gang after the incident of theft of vehicles happening continuously from BHU Hospital and its surroundings. The police have also recovered 10 stolen bikes from these thieves.

More than 100 bikes have been stolen
ADCP Vikas Chandra Tripathi said that this gang of bike thieves has so far stolen more than 100 bikes from Varanasi. These thieves have sold more than half of these bikes to people in different districts of Bihar through social media. Then used to divide the stolen money equally.

Liquor was smuggled in Bihar
ADCP Vikas Chandra Tripathi said that in the investigation it has also come to the fore that these stolen bikes were used to smuggle liquor in Bihar. For this also a separate team of police has been constituted and its investigation is being done. Soon there may be some shocking revelations in this matter too.


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