Vaccine dose to six lakh people given in two weeks in Jharkhand

Ravi Sinha, Ranchi.
Around 6 lakh new doses of vaccine were administered during two weeks across Jharkhand. Till May 26, the total vaccine availability with the state government was 42,07,128 doses, out of which 40,12,142 doses had been given. At the same time, till June 8, the total vaccine dose availability was 46,76,990, out of which 46,07,189 doses were given.

Awareness campaign reduced the damage of vaccine, increased speed

The state government has informed that in the month of May, an awareness campaign was started to make people aware about the need of vaccine, covid appropriate behavior and other relevant information. Under JSLPS, more than 23 lakh women of Sakhi Mandal were trained for public awareness campaign across the state. The misconceptions about vaccination were also removed through the media.

Vaccination turned into a big campaign
It was told by the government that it was difficult to reach by four wheeler for vaccination in many inaccessible areas of the state. The government is making every effort to ensure the availability of the vaccine to those residing in such areas. In this spirit many districts have adopted bike vaccination campaign with on-spot registration facility. It also helped in creating awareness among the rural population and also in taking a large population to the vaccination centres. Mobile vaccination vans are also being run to ensure immunization in remote parts of the state.

Recorded a reduction in vaccine damage
Vaccine damage is being reduced by giving further impetus to the vaccination campaign. The state government is ensuring that the vaccine is not damaged in the vaccine center. Till May 26, the vaccine loss in the state was close to 4.5 per cent, which has come down to less than 1.5 per cent. Since the day of the announcement of the vaccination campaign, the state government is making tireless efforts to ensure the availability of vaccines to the people of the state. Efforts are on to ensure that the vaccine is available to the last person.


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