Vaccination in Tamilnadu: Many gifts including scooty, mixie in reward for getting vaccine, full guarantee of biryani

Corona vaccination is going on in full swing in the country, while there are some people who are confused about the vaccine. At the same time, many people are panicking about vaccination due to rumours, they are afraid that they might lose their lives. In the midst of all this, gifts are being distributed among people to promote vaccination in a village in Tamil Nadu. Gifts can also be found not like this, but from gold coins to washing machines and scooty. On the other hand, Biryani has a full guarantee.

Actually, people who got the vaccine in Kovalam, Tamil Nadu are being given coupons for biryani and mobile recharge. Apart from this, there is also a weekly lucky draw, the winners of which can win gold coins, mixer, grinder, scooty, washing machine.

Only 50 to 60 people had got the vaccine
In Tamil Nadu, Kovalam has a high fishermen population in the beach area. It has a population of about 14,300. An official associated with the CN Ramdas CD Trust says that out of 14,300 people, there are 6,400 people of 18 years of age and above. Out of which only 50 to 60 people have got vaccinated. Call it lack of awareness or something but people were not getting ready for vaccination.

Gift scheme benefited.. more than 650 people got the vaccine
At the same time, more than 650 people have taken the first dose in a week after the start of this institution. Also there is advance booking of more than 700 people. Meaning people are ready only through gifts but people have agreed to get vaccinations.

Attraction among people made free biryani
J Sundar, trustee of STS Foundation, says that the free biryani has been an attraction among the people. We aim to vaccinate 100% of the adult population in Kovalam at the earliest and make this village a role model in the country.

‘If the project is successful, we will start in other villages’
In such a situation, STS Foundation, CN Ramdas Trust and New York-based organization Chirag came forward to make people aware about vaccination. Girish of CN Ramdas CD Trust says that they are working to make Kovalam corona-free. His first project has also been successful and now he will start such scheme in other villages also.


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