Vaccination can be done even without ID! Central government SOP

Even if you do not have one of the 7 identification cards prescribed for getting the vaccine, you can still get the vaccine. For this, the central government has issued a standard operating procedure (SOP), but people do not know much about it.

On Wednesday, the Bombay High Court, while hearing a petition, sought to know from the Center and the state government that if a person does not have one of the prescribed identity cards for vaccination, then to inform such people about the SOP of the Centre. What steps have been taken for

Chief Justice Dipankar Dutta and Justice G.S. Kulkarni has also asked the Center to state what steps have been taken to vaccinate those who are mentally unsound and have no legal guardian. Because such people are not in a position to give thoughtful consent to get vaccinated. The bench was hearing petitions to ensure better access for citizens to vaccines, improving the functioning of the Kovin portal, among others.

‘Not everyone is aware of SOP’
The petitioners informed the bench that the government has prescribed 7 recognized identity cards for registration for vaccination on the COVIN portal. These include Aadhar card and PAN card. Also, the central government has issued SOP for people who do not have any of these identity cards and the responsibility of identifying such persons and ensuring vaccination has been entrusted to the state and district level officials. . But, not everyone is aware of the SOP. To this, the bench said that the government should increase awareness about the vaccine. Along with this, information should also be given about its various SOPs.


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