Two members of gang who solved exam papers arrested

Noida, June 5 (PTI) Noida police station Sector 58 has arrested two members of a gang who solved the exam papers last night.

Some people of this gang were arrested by the police in November and December last year.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Rajnish Verma said that on the basis of an information, police station Sector 58 has arrested Shaurya Sharma and Ankit last night.

He said that both the accused were wanted in the case of fraudulently solving the examination papers of the people who appeared for the government jobs.

ACP said that in the month of November and December, Sector 58 police had arrested Pawan Yadav and Wazir Sangwan for getting other people to sit in place of the real candidate at an online examination center located in Sector 62 in the month of November and December.

He told that by contacting the people appearing for government jobs, they take huge amount from them and get another candidate to solve the paper by sitting in their place.

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