Twitter Brawl News: Shiv Sena took a jibe at Modi, said- Twitter has become a burden for the incompetent government of the Center


  • Shiv Sena targets central government through mouthpiece Saamana
  • Shiv Sena has termed the BJP government at the Center as useless
  • Saamana wrote, the Twitter through which BJP came to power, now they are starting to feel the burden.
  • BJP furious after poll opened on Twitter

Through the mouthpiece of Shiv Sena, the BJP and the Modi government have been fiercely attacked. Saamana has written that Twitter is not an essential commodity or an essential service for Indians. In many countries of the world, people do not even know the ‘T’ of Twitter. China, North Korea don’t have Twitter. Now Nigeria has also expelled this social media from its country. Now a storm has arisen in India regarding Twitter.

Till yesterday the importance of this Twitter was the soul of their political struggle or campaign for the BJP or the Modi government. Twitter has now become a burden for the BJP and the Modi government has reached the extent of deciding whether to throw this burden away.

autocratic twitter
Saamana has written that all the media, propaganda mediums of the country have come under the complete control of the Modi government today, but mediums like Twitter are autocratic. It is not controlled by the Modi government or the BJP. The law of India does not apply to them. The Ministry of Information and Technology has issued strict rules for social media. Follow those rules, else face action, Twitter people are not ready to listen even after giving such warnings by Modi government. Our law and our court are in America. Your land law is not acceptable, say Twitter users.

BJP’s bet turned upside down
Saamana has written that in the last few years, a campaign of mud pelting, character assassination is being run in social media. Its production, direction, theatre, story and script were all in the hands of BJP. The practice of making full use of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other mediums was not known by other political parties, at that time (2014) BJP had achieved proficiency in this task.

In the campaign of that time, the BJP army was making less noise on the ground but more noise in the cyber sector itself. In India, we are the owner of all social media including Twitter and with the help of cyber army we can win any war, election, crush the opposition, it was a total illusion.

attack on opposition
Saamna has written that by heating the atmosphere through social media, winning elections in big states like Uttar Pradesh and while doing so, political opponents were being defamed as much as possible. Under what rules did the objectionable words used for Rahul Gandhi on Twitter and Facebook come under that time? What are the adjectives used for a senior leader like Manmohan Singh?

From Uddhav Thackeray, who has spent a life in politics and social service, a character assassination campaign was launched against politicians like Mamta Banerjee, Sharad Pawar, Priyanka Gandhi, Mulayam Singh Yadav etc. by using this ‘Twitter’ etc. As long as these attacks were going on in a one-sided manner, the BJP members were getting tickled, but now in front of their cyber forces, the opposition launched attacks by deploying equally capable cyber forces, then there was panic in the BJP camp.

BJP troubled by slander
Saamana has written that Mamta Banerjee made the Prime Minister wait for half an hour. As soon as BJP and Prime Minister’s Office expressed displeasure over this, Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra tweeted, ‘Modiji, the people of the country have been waiting for the last seven years to deposit Rs 1.5 lakh. If you had to wait half an hour, why are you so angry?’ These and many such words are being dropped on the Baan Sarkar or the BJP and the BJP is expressing its displeasure over it. Till now a big game was being played by opening lakhs of fake Twitter accounts to defame the opponents. At that time no rule or law came in the way.

Central government is useless
Saamana has written that how Prime Minister Modi and his central government have failed in the Corona era, have proved to be ineffective, this time the work of taking it across the world has been done by mediums like ‘Twitter’. Due to social media like this ‘Twitter’, corpses flowing in the Ganges, pyre burning continuously in Varanasi-Gujarat, the heart-wrenching sight of ambulance queues outside the crematoriums reached the world and the working style of the BJP government was exposed.

It was only because of this ‘Twitter’ that foreign newspapers like ‘New York Times’ and ‘Washington Post’ definitely say about India. It is because of this poll opening that ‘Twitter’ is a global conspiracy, Twitter means ‘global conspiracy’ to defame, destabilize the country. It is only natural if our rulers have started feeling like this.

Saamana wrote, the Twitter through which BJP came to power, now they are starting to feel the burden.


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