To implicate her own in-laws, the woman hatched a horrifying conspiracy, this is how the acid attack case was exposed


  • Acid attack case on widow woman exposed
  • The woman herself hatched a conspiracy to implicate her in-laws in a false case
  • A false plot of acid attack on himself
  • During the investigation in the police interrogation, the woman confessed to planning the conspiracy
  • Sitting with the woman, her younger 6 year old son only opened the mother’s pole

A shocking revelation has come to light in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. In fact, it was learned that on June 7 last, four bike-borne miscreants sprinkled acid on a widow woman going to the hospital after putting her child on a scooty in the city’s Kotwali area and fled. But when the police investigated, there were shocking revelations in front of them. In this regard, the police have given information while exposing the case. The police have revealed that in this case it came to light that the woman was having a dispute with her in-laws over the property. So the woman sprayed acid on herself to teach a lesson to her in-laws and trapped them and got admitted to the hospital.

Seeing the CCTV, then the police got suspicious
District Superintendent of Police Devendra Kumar Bishnoi said that the police had prima facie suspicious on the acid attack case on the woman, because it appeared in the CCTV that someone was chasing the woman. During police interrogation, the woman confessed that she had a dispute with her in-laws over the property and had done so to teach them a lesson.

Such a false conspiracy was exposed
Rekha Yadav, a widow woman who hatched a false conspiracy to teach a lesson to her in-laws, is a resident of village Manjhi Ka Nagla in Kumher police station area. Her husband died last year, after which she works in a private hospital with her younger son and daughter living on rent in the city. But while investigating this case of acid attack, the police exposed the woman and the truth came out that the woman herself had hatched a false conspiracy by pouring acid on herself. At present, the police is also interrogating the woman further in the matter, so that all the facts related to the incident come to light.


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