This year, 60 percent of companies want to recruit new talent: Survey

Between 2020, job cuts and rising unemployment are good news. The year 2021 can provide employment to new people. Sixty percent of the companies surveyed are looking for talent for new positions. Recruitment managers expect pre-epidemic recruitment to return to pre-epidemic levels in 2021, according to Mercer Mettler reports.

Metall CEO Siddharth Gupta said, & ldquo; We have seen a dramatic change in recruitment trends in the last 14 months of the epidemic. Have met. The report will encourage & nbsp; industry leaders to consider new & nbsp; approaches to recruitment in 2021 and later & rdquo;

‘The State of Talent Acquisition Report 2021’ Based on a survey among the HR leaders of 500 companies in all sectors. Areas include education services, financial and business services, health and hospitality, IT, electrical and electronics.

The survey was conducted in mid-March and mid-May. & nbsp; & nbsp; The findings of the report indicate that virtual hiring is the future of recruitment as almost half of those surveyed said they & nbsp; adopted the digital & nbsp; route during the epidemic. & nbsp; The report states that & nbsp; 81 & nbsp; of the participating companies & nbsp; 81 & nbsp; companies have opted for virtual platforms in some form to retain talent during the epidemic.

The report states that virtual hiring attracts the best talent globally. Companies have benefited from switching from offline to online as it is a fast and cost effective means to do. The report further shows that companies are creating many new roles, reviving key roles in the new environment.

Approximately 53% of industry leaders consider hiring candidates for production and technology related roles, followed by Management (39.42%) and sales roles (39%) are & nbsp;

The data also suggest that equal employment opportunities are at the forefront in 2021, as companies & nbsp; move towards the future, which is a It is essential to keep the workforce employed. & Nbsp;

Practices such as diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) are also changing the recruitment process. & nbsp; The report says that such an approach creates a sense of affiliation in companies and is likely to create a strong talent pipeline, which is important for organizational growth.

The report found that most companies in the spectrum have long Hyrink is a cycle that does not bode well for a highly competitive market that is hiring the right talent in a relatively short period of time. & Nbsp;

The report states that about & nbsp; Suggested a & nbsp; short tidal cycle of less than a month & nbsp; and 25% said they & nbsp; It has taken more than three months. More than 35.92 percent of companies reported a & nbsp; lack of & nbsp; data-driven and technically competent recruitment processes as a & nbsp; critical challenge to acquire & nbsp; talent. & Nbsp;


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