This 14-year-old Mumbai girl became ‘Messiah’ for prisoners, arranged oxygen concentrators in Muzaffarpur jail

There is a saying that one never becomes poor by donating to someone. 14-year-old Rishika understood this at an early age. This is the reason that in this era of Corona crisis, he took such a step which is commendable. Rishika, who hails from Mumbai, came forward to help the prisoners lodged in the Muzaffarpur jail in Bihar’s home state of her parents.

Know what 14 year old Rishika did
Rishika deposited about 70 thousand rupees through donation and arranged two oxygen concentrators for the prisoners lodged in Shaheed Khudiram Bose Central Jail of Muzaffarpur. When asked about this, Rishika told TOI over phone from Mumbai that I believe any person can be really happy by bringing happiness in the lives of others. When everyone was scared for their lives I came to know about the condition of prisoners in Muzaffarpur. Then I thought I should take some steps to ensure their safety in the pandemic.

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Rishika told how the idea of ​​donating oxygen concentrator came to Muzaffarpur Jail
On where did he get the idea of ​​donating oxygen concentrator in Muzaffarpur jail, Rishika said that my father is from Gaya and mother is from Patna. I heard him talking about the situation of Kovid in Bihar. I wanted to help the weak, meanwhile decided to do something for the prisoners. I contacted relatives, friends, people in my apartment, and even opened an account on a charity fund collection website. Rishika said that she has been teaching poor children in her spare time.

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What the Superintendent of Muzaffarpur Jail said on the whole matter
Rishika is extremely satisfied with the results of her efforts in Mumbai, she has also received a letter of appreciation from the Muzaffarpur Jail authorities. At the same time, Muzaffarpur Jail Superintendent Rajiv Kumar Singh said that oxygen concentrators proved to be very helpful during the second wave of the Kovid epidemic. He said that oxygen concentrators were needed in view of the emergency situation in the jail during the sudden rise in corona cases. Presently there are about 3,000 inmates in the jail.

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On May 9, both the oxygen concentrators came to the jail.
The Superintendent of Muzaffarpur Jail said that the prisoners are the most vulnerable section of the society. They are completely dependent on the authorities for their safety and well being. Two oxygen concentrators from Rishika’s side reached the jail on 9 May. Concentrators are being used to treat the prisoners as well as the staff. He said that the concentrators donated by Rishika reduced the load on the jail hospital and reduced dependence on oxygen cylinders.


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