The thieves returned the idols of Ashtadhatu after 2 years of stealing in the temple due to fear of God

Manjhi police have recovered the damaged statues of Shri Ram and Janaki thrown from another place in the Ram Janaki Math premises located in Fatehpur Saraiya village of Manjhi police station area of ​​the district. The weight of both the statues only one and a half feet tall is being told to be about fifty kilos.

Both the recovered idols are said to have been stolen from the box of the local Ram Janaki temple complex, about twenty months ago. After the recovery of the idols, the police called the team of dog squad from Chapra and investigated the matter thoroughly. And on the basis of suspicion, the police are conducting raids to arrest the idol thieves. The hands, feet, eyes and coils of the recovered idols have been taken out by the thieves.

Three idols made of Ashtadhatu, allegedly worth crores of rupees, were stolen by crime workers in 2009 by taking the priest hostage. Later in the year 2012, the stolen idols were recovered by the police from UP. Since then these idols were kept locked in the box of the temple. In the year 2019, thieves again stole the idols of Ram Laxman Janaki locked in the box by breaking the lock of the temple. After this the thieves threw the idols of Ram and Janaki secretly on Monday night.

After getting the idol, SHO Om Prakash Chauhan called the squad dog team. The team stopped on the basis of commodity pants after reaching a ruined house about a kilometer away from the temple premises. Many police officers and a large number of villagers were present on the occasion including CO Dilip Kumar. After this incident, where people are shocked by this act of thieves. At the same time, some people say that the thieves know that God will take account of their misdeeds from them, so the thieves have returned the idols to reduce their sin.


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