The saga of ‘Navanatha’ will appear on the small screen; Feast of new series on Sony Marathi

A feast of series on Sony Marathi with four new series. This legendary series of Gatha Navnath will come to the audience.

Mumbai June 11 : Currently a large number of mythological series are appearing on the small screen. This is now followed by another series. That is ‘Gatha Navanathanchi’ (Gatha Navnathanchi) This series. This legendary series will be seen on TV for the first time. A few days ago, the teaser of the series came to the audience.

The story of Nau Nathan will be unfolded in the series on Sony Marathi channel. These texts are recited in the homes of many. So many may have heard this story too. But for the first time, it is being presented on the screen. Such series require a lot of research. Therefore, the audience is also looking forward to the series.

Despite the promo of the series, the names of the entire cast of the series have not been revealed yet. The series was scheduled to hit theaters from May 21. However, the series was postponed against the backdrop of Lockdown. The series is set to begin on June 21. The series will be aired on Sony Marathi channel at 6:30 pm. Viewers are also looking forward to the series.

Apart from this, more new series are coming to the audience. The new episode of the show ‘Kon Honar Crorepati’ (KBC Marathi) is coming to the audience. The event will start on July 12. The show will be aired on Sony Marathi only.

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Apart from this, another crime base series is being launched on Sony Marathi called ‘Criminals: Search for Criminals’. Actor Abhijit Khandkekar will be the host of the series. The series has been coming to the audience since June 14. Another new series on Sony Marathi ‘Ajunahi Barsat Ahe’ (Mukuna Barve) and Umesh Kamat (Umesh Kamat) is about to launch.

All in all, Sony Marathi channel is bringing a feast of new series for the viewers. Four new series are set to launch soon. The series ‘Tu Saubhagyavati Ho’ had started a few days back. The viewers are also wondering which old series will not bid farewell to the viewers.

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First published:June 11, 2021 at 2:49 PM IS


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