The ‘Mowgli’ women of Varanasi, made the house a zoo .. loves the eagle, dog, cat, bull like a son

Abhishek Jaiswal, Varanasi
There is no such thing as a hobby of raising animals and birds in the house. Usually dogs and birds are also seen in most of the houses, but the story of Swati Balani of Varanasi is a little different. Swati, a resident of Sikraul in Cantt area of ​​the city, is so much in love with the voiceless that she has turned her house into a mini ‘zoo’. From dog-cat to bull and eagle, everyone lives in this mini ‘zoo’ of Swati.

The interesting thing is that all these animals and birds play with each other as well as roam around, that too without harming anyone. Swati also loves these voiceless people like her own children. Whenever one sees Swati and her pets, one is reminded of the childhood ‘Mowgli’. This is the reason why people of Varanasi also call Swati as ‘Mowgli’ woman.

20 dogs, 13 cats, 2 bulls
In a conversation with NBT Online, Swati Balani told that she has 20 dogs, 13 cats, 2 bulls, an eagle-pigeon and more than 5 dozen species of birds. Staying at home, Swati serves these voiceless throughout the day. 40-year-old Swati has not married yet because of her love for the voiceless.

Mini Zoo has 5 species of birds

quit service
After studying MBA, Swati Balani did a job for a few years but the love of wild animals forced her to leave her job and come back to Varanasi. With the help of her family’s savings and people, Swati takes care of these voiceless animals. Swati says that these animals are her family and she will spend all her wealth in their service.

Gives children love like animals

Gives children’s love to animals

Stray animals become support
Swati told that all the wild animals who get hurt or the pets which people throw out of the house due to illness. She makes those animals a part of her family. The story of the eagle coming to Swati’s house is also related to this.

love animals since childhood
Swati’s father Rakesh Balani told that since childhood, Swati was very fond of animals. As Swati grew older, her love for the voiceless grew. Swati even refused to marry for the service of these voiceless.


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