The miscreants fired for not giving cold drinks on credit, told the shopkeeper – you need money in this heat


  • The miscreants fired on the shopkeeper in Maharajpura area of ​​Gwalior
  • Firing on shopkeeper for not giving cold drink on credit
  • The miscreants told the shopkeeper that you need money in this heat
  • After the firing, the atmosphere of panic in the area, the police engaged in the investigation

It is scorching heat in Chambal area. The effect of temperature is going on people’s heads. The temperature in Chambal area is 42 degrees. To get rid of the heat, some youths demanded a cold drink from a shop located in Maharajpura area. The youth had no money for this. The shopkeeper refused to give cold drinks on credit. On this the youth got angry and opened fire on the shopkeeper. After this, panic has spread in the area.

On getting information about the firing, the police reached the spot. According to the police, Yogesh Sharma, who lives near Baraitha Toll of Maharajpura area, runs a grocery shop on the highway. The temperature was 42 degree Celsius on Monday, it was the highest in the entire state. In the evening, the miscreants Vishnu and Lok Gurjar of the area reached the shop and demanded a cold drink. When the merchant asked for money, Vishnu and Locke told him that it is getting so hot and you need money first. After this, he dragged the businessman out of the shop and beat him up.

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When others tried to save the shopkeeper, the attackers opened fire on the road to spread panic. The police reached the spot as soon as the incident came to light, but before that the miscreants fled from there. The police have registered a case against those who opened fire on the complaint of the businessman.

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After registering the case, the Maharajpura police station opened fire in search of those who spread panic, but the attackers were found missing from their homes. The police have kept some close relatives of the attackers in the police station.


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