The husband of three wives kicked a pregnant wife in the stomach, the matter worsened after the abortion


  • The young man kicked the pregnant wife’s stomach in Tikar village of Rewa district
  • Wife miscarried due to kicking, police arrested the young man
  • The accused has done three marriages, lives with all three wives in the village
  • Wife is being treated at Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Rewa.

A shameful case has come to light from Tikar village under Govindgarh police station area of ​​the district. Here the husband living between three wives kicked a wife due to a family dispute, which led to her miscarriage. At the same time, the police team that reached the spot immediately after the incident, investigating the matter, arrested the accused husband. The victim has been admitted to the hospital, where she is undergoing treatment.

The accused has married three times. He lives with his three wives in Tikar village of Rewa district. He has kicked one of his pregnant wife after a dispute. The villagers had informed the police about this. The woman has been admitted to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Rewa for treatment. Police said that Satpal Saket had kicked one of his wife’s stomachs due to a family dispute.

The people of Gwalior were shocked by the sound like a blast, felt the vibration in the houses, know what turned out to be the matter
Wife has miscarried due to kicking. The police team has registered a case of feticide against the accused Saket. Due to the arrest of the husband, the two wives are in a bad condition. After going to jail, he is worried about his maintenance.


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