The ghost of development is not coming out of the minds of the people of Bikru village… the new head is worried about ‘development’

Sumit Sharma, Kanpur
Even after 11 months of the death of notorious criminal Vikas Dubey, his ghost is still alive in the hearts and minds of the villagers. vikas dubey name Bikru Village Has become a status symbol for Even today the village is known as Vikas Dubey. This is what is bothering the newly elected woman head of the village the most. The ghost of Vikas Dubey is not coming out of the mind of the villagers.

Democracy has emerged in Bikru village after 25 years. Vikas had given the village head unopposed for 25 years. He had kept democracy from the door frame of his kothi. The new head believes that if the village has to take the path of development, then the status symbol of Vikas Dubey on the village will have to be removed. The identity of the village should not be in the name of Vikas Dubey, but the village should be identified in the name of development in health, education and sanitation.

Dangerous criminal Vikas Dubey along with his henchmen brutally murdered eight police personnel on the night of July 02. bikru scandal After this, the STF along with the local police had killed 6 miscreants including Vikas Dubey. At the same time, the police has sent 37 accused to jail in this case. Along with this, chargesheet had been filed against 43 accused in the court.

Challenges before the new head
Bikru village has got village head from scheduled caste after 20 years. After 25 years, the villagers have elected their desired head by voting. There are many challenges in front of the new head of the village, Madhu Devi. Dangerous criminal Vikas Dubey had eliminated the problem of road, drain, pavement from the village during his tenure. RCC road has been built in the entire village, but apart from this, there is a need to improve health, education and cleanliness in the village even more.

When the new head talks to the villagers for the development of the village, the rural development starts giving Dubey’s argument. Villagers say that Panditji had implemented this development plan in this way. People start arguing. Pradhan says that the cooperation and support of the villagers is not being received in the way they should.

Democracy restored in Bikaru, dictatorship remains
Democracy was restored in Bikru village after 25 years, but the dictatorship still prevails among the supporters and family members of Vikas Dubey. The family members of the accused involved in the Bikru case are also not ready to take a stand with anyone. The new head will have to think about how to work in these conditions.

The police wreaked havoc on the vegetable seller, snatched the scales, made him sit in the jeep and…

Who became the head in 25 years
History-sheeter Vikas Dubey grew in stature. His roots got stronger. He used to make the village headman whom he wanted to develop. In 1995, Vikas Dubey was elected village head for the first time. After winning the election, the key to democracy fell in his hands. In 2000, Vikas had nominated Gayatri Devi of the village as a candidate for the Scheduled Caste seat. Gayatri Devi became the chief by winning the election. In 2005, Vikas’s younger brother Deepak’s wife Anjali was elected unopposed as the head of the general seat. In 2010, Vikas had fielded Rajneesh Kushwaha for the backward seat. Rajneesh Kushwaha was elected village head. In 2015, Anjali Dubey was re-elected unopposed as the village head. Whoever became the head, but his key remained in the hands of Vikas.


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