“The earth swallowed or the sky was eaten” by the murderer, when the police caught him, he was also shocked..


  • ruthless murder
  • The young man cut the person sleeping outside the house with a shovel
  • The accused hiding in the well to save his life
  • Police arrested after taking out from the well

“Earth swallowed up or the sky eaten up”. You must have heard many times saying this in search of a person, but something similar happened in Bharatpur. A young man attacked a 50-year-old man with a shovel late last night in village Barka of Sikri police station area of ​​Bharatpur. In this, a 50-year-old man Aseen died on the spot. After this the accused jumped into the well to save his life after the murder, but the police took him out of the well and arrested him.

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this was the incident
In fact, Balveer, accused of murder, has been living in village Barka of Sikri police station area for almost a year. The accused works as a laborer in the same village. Although Balveer is a resident of Musepur village of Hamirpur district in Uttar Pradesh, two days back Balveer had a fight with a person named Hameed. After this, Balveer reached Hameed’s house late last night and attacked Hameed’s brother Aseen, who was sleeping outside his house, with a fist. At that time Aseen’s wife was also sleeping near Aseen. Hearing Aseen’s voice suddenly Aseen’s wife woke up and saw that Balveer had killed Aseen by cutting him with a shovel. After this, when he raised an alarm, the family members and the local people also woke up. After this Balveer ran away from the spot.

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SDRF team called to get it out of the well
It is being told that after this Balveer jumped into a well in the village to save his life. People tried to get him out, but he did not come out after which the police was informed about the incident in the night. The police who reached the spot also tried hard to get Balveer out of the well. But did not come out of the well to save his life. There was only 5 feet of water in the well, due to which Balveer remained hidden in the well. After this, the SDRF team was called on the spot this morning and Balveer was pulled out. At present, the police is interrogating Balveer and trying to know the reasons behind the murder.

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