The cost of a mango is Rs 2.70 lakh, the officials of the Agriculture Department will go to know the truth


  • Japanese mango cultivation in Chargawan, Jabalpur, MP
  • The price of a mango in the international market is Rs 2.70 lakh
  • Sankalp Parihar has planted this mango tree in his garden in Chargawan, Jabalpur
  • People come from far and wide to see the precious mango

Mouth waters as soon as you hear the name of mango. Such a mango is being cultivated in Jabalpur, hearing the price of which will blow your senses. If the common man wants to taste this mango, then he may need a loan. You must be surprised to hear this, but it is a fact. The mango in this garden of Jabalpur is worth Rs 2.70 lakh. Meaning you have to pay 2.70 thousand rupees to eat a mango. The price of this mango on the Internet is said to be between one and two lakhs. When Navbharat talked to the Agriculture Department official about this, he said that I have got information through you. I’ll go see it today.

This mango is not cultivated anywhere else in India. The Japanese mango is known as Tamago. It is in great demand in the international market. In Japanese it is known as ‘Taiyo no Tamago’. Different varieties of mangoes are found in India, in which many varieties of mangoes are found including Dashari, Totapari, Langda Mango, Desi Mango, Hapus. This is the reason why the mangoes of India are discussed abroad. Hapus/Alphonso mangoes in India are considered to be the most expensive mangoes in the country. At the same time, the world’s most expensive mango is Japan’s Tamago.

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Tamago is being cultivated in Jabalpur
Tamago Mango is now being grown in MP’s Sanskardhani Jabalpur. Sankalp Parihar, who lives in Chargawan, Jabalpur, is growing this mango in his gardens. Sankalp Parihar has planted 14 different varieties of mangoes in his 4-acre garden and has also planted 52 Tamagom trees.

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Mango cultivator Sankalp Parihar said that last year the price of a mango in the international market was Rs 2.70 lakh. He said that its rate keeps on changing according to the production.

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A mango costs Rs 2.70 lakh
The price of one piece of Tamago Mango is being told in the international market as Rs 2 lakh 70 thousand. However, in the rate available on the internet, its price is between one and two lakhs. Sankalp Parihar, who cultivates this mango, said that in Japan this mango is grown in a safe environment inside poly houses. In Jabalpur, we planted it as an experiment and this mango liked the atmosphere of Jabalpur and grew here. He said that the price of the last one mango was Rs 2.70 lakh.

Parihar explains that tamago is redis colour, due to which it is also called Egg of Sun. This mango is delicious to eat. This is the reason why it is popular in Japan. Sankalp Parihar explains that Malika and Hapus mangoes are also cultivated in his garden. The demand for Malika mango is high in India.

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Been doing farming for three years
Sankalp Parihar said that we have been cultivating Tamago Mango for three years. He said that due to the cultivation of this mango in Jabalpur, the fame of Jabalpur has reached the international level. Growing this mango is not so easy, after planting it, very few fruits come on its tree. Ever since Japanese mangoes have started growing in Sankalp Parihar’s garden, the eyes of thieves are also on his garden.

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Wake up at night and guard the mango
He said that we along with our wife Rani Parihar guard the mango orchard at night. The fame of Japanese mango being grown in Jabalpur has spread across the country but the Horticulture Department has not yet paid attention to the mango orchard of Sankalp Parihar. If the Horticulture Department pays more attention to this, then other farmers can also take advantage of Japanese mango cultivation.

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Not selling yet
Sankalp Parihar is not selling this mango right now. He said that last year some people from Mumbai and Surat had inquired about it. But we try to save our plants first. Its demand is high in the international market. Keeping that in mind, we are cultivating it.

Information has been received from your side, today I will go and see. Every effort will be made for such mangoes in future.

KS Netam, Joint Director, Agriculture Department, Jabalpur Division

plant found in train
He told that while going from Jabalpur to Hyderabad train, a gentleman had given Japanese mango saplings. Japanese mango plants were brought home and planted in the garden. Take care of them from time to time and today this mango has made me famous.

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