The coach’s warning to Virat Kohli reminded him of the danger he has faced for 13 years

Team India captain Virat Kohli is currently preparing for the World Test Championship Final (WTC Final 2021). He has to overcome many obstacles to win this final. The biggest hurdle is a New Zealand fast bowler.

New Delhi, June 9: Team India captain Virat Kohli (Virat Kohli) Currently in the World Test Championship final (WTC Final 2021) Preparing. He has to overcome many obstacles to win this final. The biggest hurdle is a New Zealand fast bowler. Virat’s childhood coach Rajkumar Sharma (Rajkumar Sharma) He has made Virat aware of this.

New Zealand fast bowler Team Southee (Tim Southee) He has dismissed Virat 10 times in international cricket. “Virat is in big danger from Saudi Arabia,” Sharma told a private news channel. Sharma said Virat was well aware of the mistakes made against Saudi so far.

“Virat knows what went wrong when playing against Saudi. However, he has bowled Virat 10 times. It is a matter of concern. Virat Kohli will have to drop the ball outside the off stump. Saudi bowls consistently at one length. It is up to the batsman to decide. The Saudi ball swings in a good way.

Team Saudi and Virat Kohli have played against each other since the Under-19s. Saudi has been successful against Kohli. He should hit the cover drive thoughtfully on his bowling, “Sharma advised.

Team Saudi in form

In the first Test against England, New Zealand (England vs New Zealand) fast bowler team Saudi has given a bang. In the first innings, Saudi took 6 wickets for 43 runs. Due to this performance, Saudi has overtaken India’s fast bowler Ishant Sharma. Not only that, he has also broken the record of the great bowler Sir Richard Headley.

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The final of the World Test Championship between India and New Zealand will be held in Southampton, England from June 18. This form of Team Saudi could be a matter of concern for Team India.

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