Thane Officer Manhole Inspection: Example of a female officer, wearing a sari entered the manhole to see the cleanliness


  • In Thane, a woman officer set an example of service
  • descended into the manhole to inspect the cleaning work
  • Video of female inspector viral on social media
  • Officers had gone out to take stock of the cleaning work

To check the cleanliness of the drain in Thane district of Maharashtra, a woman sanitation inspector herself got down in the manhole. In fact, in view of the monsoon, sewerage cleaning work is going on in the district. In such a situation, the contractor was entrusted with the task of cleaning. In order to ensure that there is no mistake in the work, the lady inspector Suvidha Chavan herself went into the manhole. His devotion to duty is being praised.

A video of female officer Suvidha Chavan has gone viral on social media. It is seen in this video that she herself got down to investigate the cleaning work in the manhole. On Sunday, women officers of the Bhiwandi-Nizampur Municipal Corporation are seen descending from the stairs into the manhole and coming out of it after some time. She is wearing a saree.

In fact, Suvidha Chavan was inspecting various drains in Bhiwandi city and the cleaning work and siltation work done by the contractors. Every year during the monsoon season, there is a problem of flood due to blockage of drains and non-availability of water.


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