Tamilnadu news: Wedding card created a stir, the bride’s name is Mamta Banerjee and the groom’s socialism


  • The bride’s name is P Mamta Banerjee and the groom’s name is AM Socialism.
  • The elder brothers of the groom also included AM Communism and AM Leninism.
  • Named after Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee

A wedding invitation has created quite a stir in Tamil Nadu, in which the bride’s name is P Mamata Banerjee and the groom’s name is AM Socialism. Many people are raising questions about the authenticity of this wedding invitation.

this invitation letter Communist Party of India (CPI) Tamil mouthpiece Jan Shakti was published on Monday, since then it has become the center of public discussion. The invitation letter also mentions the names of A M Communism and A M Leninism as the elder brothers of the groom.

Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee was named after
CPI sources said A M is the son of Socialism Party’s Salem secretary A Mohan alias Stalin Mohan while the bride is the granddaughter of a Congress leader who named her after West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Names being kept for many generations, grandson’s Marxism
Panmarthupatti city councilor Mohan said that he wants his future generations to carry forward the ideology of communism. Mohan said that his grandson’s name is Marxism. Mohan said that if a girl child is born in the family, she will be named Cubism.


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