Sushil Modi targets Lalu by calling Rabri a domestic woman, RJD asked – who had stopped PhD holder from becoming CM for 50 years?


  • Sushil Kumar Modi once again attacked Lalu Yadav
  • Question again asked about Rabri Devi being made CM
  • Two old political enemies face to face on the pretext of Total Revolution Day
  • RJD and Lalu-Rabri’s daughter Rohini Acharya counterattack

On July 25, 1997 Lalu Yadav He had placed his wife Rabri Devi on the chief minister’s chair. It has been 24 years since then, Sushil Modi has not forgotten that. Frequently reminds Lalu Yadav that a ‘domestic’ woman was coronated to keep the keys to power with her.

Sushil Modi’s attack on Lalu on the pretext of Rabri Devi
Sushil Modi once attacked Lalu Yadav on the pretext of Rabri Devi. In fact, Lalu Yadav congratulated the people on Sampoorna Kranti Day and reminded them of the entire revolution. Sushil Modi could not tolerate it and tweeted that by making the domestic lady Rabri Devi as the Chief Minister directly, was Lalu Prasad doing a ‘revolution’ to repair the system of parliamentary democracy?’ Sushil Modi said that ‘Whoever presented a distorted model of JP’s complete revolution by making power a shameless means of making benami property, they should atone instead of giving knowledge on Sampoorna Kranti Diwas!’

Sushil Kumar Modi got reply from RJD
Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and Rajya Sabha MP of BJP Sushil Modi also got the answer. RJD’s state executive member Jayant Jigyasu said that the country became independent on 15.8.47. Laluji became the CM on 10.3.90. For the intervening 43 years, did someone stop a PhD, post-doc woman from becoming CM in Bihar? Rabri Devi ji became CM on 25.7.97, after 50 years of independence! As soon as it came, residential schools for OBC-EBC girls were opened in every commissionerate of Bihar.

Lalu-Rabri’s daughter Rohini also surrounded Sushil Modi
Sushil Modi also got a reply from his second daughter Rohini Acharya, who was more active on social media from the Lalu family. Rohini wrote that your mentality is telling, what is your petty thinking towards domestic women or women? What is the leader who does not have the rite of respect for his mother and sisters? Not worthy to be called a human..!! Note- Due to this disgusting thinking towards women, the double engine government carried out the Balika Griha Kand!!’

Rohini said in her next tweet that ‘Can’t the domestic lady bring revolution…from whose mouth this word came out…she committed a grave immoral sin of ridiculing and insulting women and Indian society..!!’

Was Sushil Modi surrounded by being called a domestic lady?
Sushil Modi has been making serious allegations against the Lalu family many times through facts and documents. But this time RJD leaders Jayant Jigyasu and Rohini Acharya have questioned the thinking of Sushil Modi. In a democracy, only numbers are needed for position. Victory matters a lot in politics. The rest of the moral argument can be given by the opposing side. There is no such constitutional compulsion that no one becomes Chief Minister because of being a domestic woman. It is a fact that Lalu Yadav took the decision in 1997 according to his ‘convenience’. But there was nothing wrong with the constitution. People cry for this democracy.

What did Lalu Yadav say in his tweet?
Actually, on Saturday, Lalu Prasad Yadav had made a tweet congratulating the entire revolution day. He wrote that ‘when the system becomes dominant over the people, the system itself is subverted by making it perverted, then a ‘total revolution’ becomes inevitable to fix the system. Happy Sampoorna Kranti Diwas to all citizens! This is the festival of true democracy. It is Public Awareness Day. It is the day of vigilant citizens. In response to this, Sushil Modi had questioned Lalu’s decision to make Rabri Devi the Chief Minister.


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