Substandard PPE kit, not getting full salary… Ruckus of housekeeping staff of Varanasi DRDO Hospital

Abhishek Jaiswal, Varanasi
Housekeeping staff of Pandit Rajan Mishra DRDO Kovid Hospital in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh created a ruckus outside the hospital on Sunday morning. Angered by not getting salary, dozens of employees boycotted the morning shift and gathered outside the hospital and then started shouting slogans. He was appointed in the DRDO Hospital in the month of May on contract basis through a private company.

After the news of the ruckus of the employees outside the hospital, the officials of the BHU Proctorial Board reached the spot and started convincing them, later some DRDO officers also interacted with them. In a conversation with NBT Online, the hospital’s housekeeping employee Shivakumar said that we employees are serving Kovid patients in ICU by risking their lives. At the time of the job in the hospital, the salary of 17 thousand rupees was said, but now only 9 thousand rupees are being given.

Forced to wear substandard PPE kit
Shiv Kumar alleged that poor quality PPE kits were given by the hospital while on duty. Wearing them, they serve them by staying among the corona patients for 8 hours.

Supervisor misbehaves
It was also alleged in Shivakumar that we are called to the hospital before an hour of duty. Supervisor Prabhat Singh misbehaves and drives away the housekeeping staff when there is a delay of 10 minutes. Not only this, it is now said that those who have to work should do it, otherwise leave it and leave. Many people have been forcibly thrown out of work.

Supervisor clarified
Singh, supervisor of the housekeeping staff, said that due to less number of patients in the hospital, they are now being removed. There is no point in paying money sitting in the hospital.


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