Stone work in Ram temple will start in December, Ram city will be seen in grand form

The stone work for the construction of the grand Ram temple will start in the temple premises from December. According to Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, stone work will start from the base plinth of the temple, in which pink stones of Mirzapur will be installed. Trust member Dr. Anil Mishra told that to bring stones from Mirzapur Order has been placed.

Now there will be no problem in ordering stones from Rajasthan. Dr. Mishra informed that the stones being procured from Mirzapur would be carved in a special shape in the workshop of the temple premises itself. He informed that the work of filling the layer in the foundation of the temple is going on round the clock without stopping. For this work, work is being done in two shifts of 12-12 hours every day.

Five layer work completed
Five layers of foundation of 300X400 ft size have been completed so far. Now 40 more layers are to be filled. This work is expected to be completed by October. Dr. Mishra told that a layer is being prepared in five days.

Ayodhya will be entered from Ramdwara
With the commencement of the construction of Ram temple, the work of reconstruction of Ayodhya has also started. Along with giving the gift of basic amenities to Ayodhya, many important decisions have been taken in the direction of returning the splendor of Ramnagari. There are 6 routes in different directions to enter Ayodhya, now preparations are being made to make Ram gate on all these paths. Through these paths one will enter Ayodhya. Apart from this, the Ramayana era gardens will also be constructed here.


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