Stayed in bed for 6 months…13 surgery was done, finally one eye had to be removed, this story of black fungus victims will cry


  • 46-year-old Naveen Pal was probably the first patient of black fungus in Vidarbha
  • Nilesh, a resident of Yavatmal, lost both eyes due to mucormycosis
  • Ajay and Subodh, residents of Akola, had to remove their jaws

After the corona infection, the black fungus has increased the problems of the people. There are many people who are suffering from unbearable pain due to black fungus or mucomycosis infection. Its effect on the heart and mind of such people is clearly visible. If someone lost his eyes due to black fungus infection, then someone’s jaw had to be removed. There are many people who are waiting for artificial eyes after eye extraction and reconstructive surgery after jaw removal. The story of people’s pain is such that hearing it will bring tears to your eyes.

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Surgery done 13 times, one eye had to be removed
Doctors say that 46-year-old Naveen Pal was probably the first patient of black fungus infection in Vidarbha or central India. In September last year, Naveen had a corona infection. After a few days, he started having problems with his eyes and teeth. Doctors told that he was infected with black fungus. After this, he was treated in the hospital for 6 months. During this, 13 surgeries were done. Eventually one of his eyes had to be removed to prevent the infection from spreading.

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1.48 crores spent on treatment
During this, Rs 1.48 crore was spent on Naveen Paul’s treatment. Out of this, Railways spent one crore rupees. Paul’s wife works in the railways. The remaining 48 lakhs he had to raise himself. Paul is glad that his life is finally saved. He told that the black fungus inflicted on him an irresistible wound.

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Eyesight lost in Kovid Center
Nilesh Bende, a resident of Yavatmal, lost both his eyes due to black fungus infection. He had corona infection in March this year. After a few months, his report turned out to be positive when he got the corona test done again. He was kept at the Kovid Care Center in Yavatmal where he lost his eyesight. During the treatment, one of his eyes had to be removed first. After 10 days the doctors said that his other eye would also have to be removed.

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Husband was completely broken after losing his eyes
His wife Vaishali told that her husband was completely broken after losing his eyesight. It was becoming very difficult to console him. Nilesh used to work as a private security guard. He also lost his job after the illness. Even his salary for the last month was not received. Nilesh said that I would have died better than this. On this his wife said that the family needs you.

Difficulty speaking after jaw removal
Similarly, both Ajay Shimpikar and Subodh Kasulkar of Akola had to undergo surgery after a black fungus infection. Dr. Dehne removed his jaw after the infection. Now both of them will have to undergo reconstructive surgery for their normal look. Kasulkar says that after the surgery, he has trouble speaking. He can’t speak properly. Subodh Kasulkar had a corona infection in October last year. His sugar level had reached 500. He thanked the doctors for saving his eye. At the same time, Ajay’s family spent Rs 20 lakh on his treatment.

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