Speed ​​of local trains will increase on Western Railway! Harbor line trains speed will improve

in Western Railway Increase in speed of local trains This is due to happen, because recently the railways have rectified the speed constraining structures. Alok Kansal, General Manager, Western Railway The emphasis is on removing operational bottlenecks in a targeted manner. of consul infrastructure Upgradation Projects Along with monitoring, the divisions are emphasizing on completing such work expeditiously.

Helpful stabilizing line in Mahim
Thakur informed that three 12 wagon EMU rakes can be stabilized with the construction of three stabling lines at Mahim. Stabling line means a place to park local trains. This will be helpful in de-staging EMU services towards Bandra and back to stabling line.

Harbor line trains speed will improve
With the relaxation of permanent speed restrictions, the speed of trains has increased from 35 kmph to 50 kmph on the Down Harbor line south of Mahim, while the speed on the Up Harbor line in Mahim’s northern yard has been increased from 20 kmph to 35 kmph. hourly is over. This has increased the punctuality of trains to 2 minutes per train.

Interlocking facility in Kandivali
Western Railway has taken another step towards ensuring safe and smooth movement of interlocking trains at Kandivali station at Leaf Gate No. 31. This will provide a safe corridor for vehicle movement in the Kandivali car-shed and will also make train operation safe on the STA line.


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