Special vaccination camps will be organized for laborers in Indore at ten places.

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Minister Silavat directed that camps should be organized for laborers in the district at Mazdoor Chowk itself. Arrangements should be made for drinking water, shade, rest etc. Also, vaccination should be done on priority for the above categories.

Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh of Water Resources Minister Tulsiram Silavat has instructed the officers that special arrangements will be made for laborers, domestic working women, washermen, barbers, priests, employees of petrol pumps and gas companies etc. in Indore district. vaccination camp be put. themSaid that every section is being connected to make this campaign more comprehensive and holistic. ministerial stitch Indore He is also the district in-charge.

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On the initiative of Minister Silavat, now in the district the people who have direct contact with the common citizens vaccination It has been decided to organize special camps from 7 am to 7 pm. Under this, special camps will be organized for laborers, domestic working women, washermen, barbers, priests, petrol pump employees etc. Minister Silavat instructed that for the laborers in the district Mazdoor Chowk Camps should be organized at the same time. Arrangements should be made for drinking water, shade, rest etc. Also for the said classes Priority be vaccinated with.

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In the meeting, Silavat directed that proper arrangements should be made for the food of the citizens of the footpath and the people living in the rain shelter. He urged citizens to behave towards covid friendly behavior. public awareness instructed to make special efforts for It was told that through all the vehicles of the Municipal Corporation Kovid The message of public awareness about favorable behaviours, will be broadcast.

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