SP sir, save my baby girl, in-laws will kill her… Mother’s plea for three month old daughter


  • Tried to kill three month old girl in Bhind’s Bharauli village
  • Woman reached SP office pleading to save the girl
  • Woman’s allegation, in-laws do not want daughter
  • People tried to strangle the girl in front of her husband

The in-laws don’t want a daughter, everyone was suffocating her together, the father was watching sitting next to it. The woman alleges that her in-laws do not want a daughter. Everybody wants to kill it. He is pleading with the SP to save his life, otherwise his in-laws will kill him. The woman has also shown injury marks on the girl’s neck.

In fact, a father became an enemy of his daughter’s life in Bharauli village of Bhind district and tried to kill her by strangulating her. The mother of the child has leveled this allegation on her husband. Shalini Rajawat, the accuser, was married three years ago in Bharauli village. She gave birth to a baby girl three months ago. The in-laws wanted a son. After the birth of the daughter, the family became disheartened.

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Shalini, the mother of the innocent girl, said that the in-laws and her husband Anar Singh Rajawat had tried to kill her. Shalini said that when she went to wash the clothes after feeding the girl child in the courtyard of the house. Then when the girl screamed, Shalini came running to the girl. When I saw, foam was coming out of her baby’s mouth. The girl had a deep wound in her neck. She was groaning in pain.

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Shalini told that a vest was lying with the girl, which seems to have been strangulated with the vest. When Shalini asked her husband and in-laws to take the girl to the hospital, they refused. She rushed to the hospital with the girl child for treatment. During this, the child’s parents came in contact with Shalini.

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SP gave instructions for action
The victim Shalini reached the Superintendent of Police’s office with Child Line and requested SP Manoj Singh to save the girl. The SP immediately took the matter seriously and instructed the Bharauli police station in-charge to take action against the in-laws and her husband after investigating the matter.


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