South Africa: African woman holds world record for giving birth to 10 children at the same time

Nowadays it is common for a woman to give birth to 3 to 4 children at a time. However, have you ever heard of a woman giving birth to ten children at the same time? The same thing has actually happened in South Africa, where a woman has surprised everyone by giving birth to 10 children. On June 7, a 37-year-old woman named Gosiyami Dhamara Sithole reportedly set a new world record by giving birth to ten children at the same time. This woman has had a caesarean section. In it, she has given birth to seven sons and three daughters.

At the same time, according to African media, doctors had informed the woman that she would give birth to six children before delivery, while her husband was expecting eight children. The couple is very happy with the birth of their 10 children. But, it was not easy for Sithole to give birth to 10 children at once. Doctors worked very carefully during the delivery and saved the life of the woman and her children.

World Record
According to the information received, last month in Morocco, a woman named Halima Sisi of Mali The new Guinness World Record was set by giving birth to children. However, the record has now been broken a month later, as Sithole gave birth to 10 children at the same time.

Sithole was sick during pregnancy
According to African media, Sithole and her children are healthy. . Will be under the care of a doctor for some time. At the same time, Sithole said she became very ill during the pregnancy. That time was very difficult for her. According to Sithole, she was in pain during her pregnancy but is now OK.

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