Sourav Ganguly re-uploaded the ‘he’ photo, before it was a troll, now it’s a compliment

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has once again uploaded a photo of himself in Dubai on social media. The photo was criticized by fans.

Mumbai, June 9: BCCI President Sourav Ganguly (Sourav Ganguly) He once again posted a photo of himself in Dubai on social media (Social media) Has been uploaded. Ganguly shared a photo from Car Racing in Dubai on Instagram (Instagram) Was uploaded. That photo was criticized by fans. The photo was then deleted from Dada’s account. Now once again Ganguly has uploaded that photo.

Ganguly re-uploaded the photo and gave a funny caption. ‘I don’t know how this photo was deleted. “Come back once again,” Ganguly said. The BCCI president was on a tour of the UAE a few days ago. At that time, he discussed the planning of IPL 2021 with the officials there.

Ganguly took time out of his busy schedule to enjoy car racing in Dubai. Fans trolled him as soon as he uploaded his photo. But now the fans are saluting him. At the same time, fans have advised Ganguly to take care of his health.

ICC raises BCCI’s tension

The remaining 31 matches of the IPL (IPL 2021) will be played in the UAE from September 19 and the final will be played on October 15, but the ICC has objected to the IPL schedule. The ICC believes that the IPL final should not be held on October 15.

After Robinson, many England cricketers are in trouble, ECB will investigate all of them

The ICC has been considering hosting the T20 World Cup since October 18, but if the IPL ends just three days earlier, it will affect the World Cup, the ICC said. The new role of the ICC has increased the tension in the BCCI.

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First published:June 9, 2021 10:09 AM IS


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