Side effects of second wave of Corona: Tiger reserve in Bihar closed till further orders, samples of Gangajal were also taken


  • side effects of second wave of corona
  • Tiger reserve in Bihar closed till further orders
  • Gangajal samples were also taken due to dead bodies found in Buxar
  • The employees were asked to stay in the Tiger Reserve for the time being

In pursuance of an order issued by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), the State Environment, Forest and Climate Change Department has decided to keep the Valmiki Tiger Reserve (VTR) in West Champaran and the Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park in Patna closed for visitors. has done. Along with this, tourism activities have also been banned till further orders. The state forest department has also asked the employees of Valmiki Tiger Reserve to stay inside the reserve for the time being.

Big decision after the death of a lioness from Corona
The NTCA on Tuesday asked all states to close tiger reserves, national parks and sanctuaries till further orders. For this, the death of a lioness inside a zoo in Chennai due to Kovid-19 infection has been cited.
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Meanwhile, Bihar State Forest Department Principal Secretary Deepak Kumar Singh said that after receiving the order from NTCA, a letter has been written to formally close the Valmiki Tiger Reserve, the only tiger reserve in Bihar. Apart from monitoring the staff, their vaccination against the virus as well as the health of the animals in the Tiger Reserve are also being monitored regularly.

‘Identification of symptoms in tigers by their habits’
According to Deepak Kumar Singh, ‘Symptoms in tigers are initially identified through changes in their food habits. But incidentally no such symptom has been identified in any animal so far.

Gangajal samples sent for test
A few days ago, there was a stir after the bodies of suspected Kovid victims were found in the Ganges river. Questions are being raised that how much these dead bodies have polluted the Ganges? Has the corona infection also affected the water of the holy Ganges? The ‘National Mission for Clean Ganga’ of the Ministry of Jal Shakti has given instructions for its investigation. The task of this work has been given to the Indian Institute of Toxological Research, Lucknow (IITR).
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Samples were taken from Buxar, Patna, Bhojpur and Saran
The dead bodies of corona infected were first seen on the ghats of Buxar while flowing in the Ganges. Due to this, the team of IITR Analyst first took a sample of Ganga water from Buxar itself. Along with Buxar, the team has also taken samples from Patna, Bhojpur and Saran. The Bihar State Pollution Control Board has also been investigating the changes in the water of the Ganges. But this time the matter is related to the virus, so this work has been given to IITR.

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The joint team of IITR-BSPCB took the sample
A three-member team of IITR had come to Bihar to collect samples of Ganga water. The team, along with the team of Bihar State Pollution Control Board, went to the Ganga Ghats of various districts and collected samples in the presence of the administration. This team took samples of Ganga water in Buxar on June 1 and in Patna, Bhojpur and Saran on June 5. After examining the sample, experts will find out whether there is corona virus in the water of Ganga or not.
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Team will visit again next week
Bihar State Pollution Control Board analyst Dr. Naveen Kumar said that this is the first round of sampling. After this, samples will be taken again, for which the team will again come to Bihar. According to Dr. Naveen Kumar, the sample of Ganga water will be taken in the second round also. This is because the results that come out in the investigation can be further confirmed.


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