Sehwag told, how he used to try to imitate Sachin

In our time, there was no such facilities that could be learned by talking to anyone online or by subscribing to the video. If that was the case, I would definitely do it and learn better.

Mumbai. former india opener Virender Sehwag Opening the layers of memories on Wednesday, he told how he was a great batsman and his opening partner for a long time Sachin Tendulkar tried to imitate what he first 1992 world cup I saw it on TV while batting. Sehwag said, “Cricket is played on the field but a lot can be learned. If I give my example, I have learned from the 1992 World Cup. Cricket Started watching and at that time I used to try to imitate Sachin’s batting.

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He said, “How did he hit straight drives or backfoot punches. I learned a lot by watching it on TV in 1992.” Former India opener and co-founder of the CricGuru app along with Sehwag Sanjay Bangar Said at the launch of the app, “In today’s time you have videos of your favorite cricketers like AB de Villiers, Brian Lara, Chris Gayle or Virender Sehwag or anyone else. Videos were not available in our time.

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Sehwag said, “In our time, there was no such facility that one could learn by talking to anyone online or by subscribing to the video. Had it been so, I must have done it and would have learned better. Emphasizing on both the mental and technical aspects of the game, Sehwag said, “The mental aspect is important and we have launched this app keeping that in mind. After that we will talk about the technique of cricket.

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