Sara-Sushant was taking drugs on the set of ‘Kedarnath’? Nitish Bhardwaj’s revelation

In her reply to NCB, Riya said that both actress Sara Ali Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput were taking drugs during the film ‘Kedarnath’.

Mumbai, June 8- actor (Actor(After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput)Sushant Singh Rajput) Many shocking things came to the fore. Sushant is also accused of taking drugs. Even after Riya Chakraborty’s reply to the NCB, many things are coming to the fore. In her reply to NCB, Riya said that during the film ‘Kedarnath’, actress Sara Ali Khan (Sarah Ali Khan) And Sushant Singh Rajput were both taking drugs. Actor Nitish Bhardwaj playing Sara’s father in Kedarnath (Nitish Bhardwaj) Has made a big revelation about this.

In a recent interview with the Times of India, Nitish Bhardwaj revealed, “On the set of Kedarnath, actress Pooja Gaur and I started talking about changing things in the field of entertainment. And we also talked about the issue of drugs. Then Sarah told us, ‘I’ve heard about the effects of drugs in movies. At this point, I told Sarah in no uncertain terms that you should always stay away from such things.

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Sarah told me very confidently that I would never go on a diet like this. And I’ve never seen drugs before. ‘ Speaking about Sushant, he said, “Speaking of Sushant, he was smoking.” But it was not drugs. Even though I am away from cigarettes or drinks, I understand the difference between a drug cigarette and a simple cigar. It also smelled normal. ‘ Also on the set Sara and Sushant were always active and also normal. I don’t think people who take drugs can be so normal. This opinion has been expressed by Nitish Bhardwaj.

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