Sai’s loud foursome, see Gautami playing VIDEO while playing VIRAL

Actress Gautami Deshpande, the SAI in the series ‘Mazha Hoshil Na’, is enjoying cricket.

Mumbai, 5 June- From the shooting (Shooting) Every artist pursues his hobby after getting time. Even actress Gautami Deshpande (Gautami Deshpande) Takes full advantage of this free time. Sometimes she is seen singing, sometimes she is seen dancing. But today Gautami i.e. your darling Sai Chakka has come on the field to play cricket. This viral video of Sai (Viral Video) Is being well liked.

Actress Gautami Deshpande, the SAI in the series ‘Mazha Hoshil Na’, has always been known for her fun-loving nature. Whether set or private life Gautami is always in your Mastmaula estimation. She often shares videos of her songs in her spare time. And that video was being liked a lot. But recently Gautami shared a video on her Instagram account. Gautami is seen playing cricket in it. Not only is he playing cricket, he is also hitting fours. And at the same time, he is expressing his happiness by dancing.

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The cast is constantly engaged in their shooting. As a result, they are often unable to pursue a hobby. So many artists keep their hobbies in the time they get. One of them is Gautami Deshpande. Gautami is always looking for happiness in small things. Gautami is also very active on social media. She shares many things with the fans. She is also hugely popular on social media. Also, from this video of Gautami, it is understood that she also loves cricket.

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First published:June 5, 2021 at 3:32 PM IS


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